Minutes of the Meeting(December 29, 2010)

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12 PM to 5 PM, Saturday, December 29, 2010


SkillTech International Karachi


Mr. Muhammad Salman Khan (External)                              Syeda Mariam Hussain (Reporting)

Ma’am Sana

Mariya Abdul Ghafoor (Team Lead)

Khushbakht Nawab

Zaria Naureen


The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the final year project proposal form, project idea and its scope.


  1. Methodology of the Project
  2. Risk analysis of the Project
  3. Discussing research paper related to Project
  4. Scope of the Project
  5. Project plan
  6. Milestones of the Project
  7. Outcomes of the Project
  8. Responsibilities of each group Member
  9. Beneficiaries of the Project

10.  Organization involve in the Project and their role

11.  Organogram and block diagram of the Project


All the topics mentioned above were discussed thoroughly in the meeting. The Project Proposal was finalized.

Minutes prepared on January 01, 2011


  1. Salman Khan says:

    Fellows, why cant I post comment directly?

  2. sanasiddiqui says:

    I think it would be beneficial for you guys if you keep a record of your daily task and the time you spent on it. Also update it over here, if possible.

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