ARM9 Processor Family

Posted: January 20, 2011 in Embedded System

ARM9 Processor Family

ARM9 Processor Family Image
The ARM9™ processor family enables single processor solutions for microcontroller, DSP and Java applications, offering savings in chip area and complexity, power consumption, and time-to-market.The ARM9 DSP-enhanced processors are well suited for applications requiring a mix of DSP and microcontroller performance.

The ARM9 processor family includes ARM926EJ-S™ARM946E-S™ and ARM968E-S™ processors.



The ARM9 family includes the ARM968E-S, the ARM946E-S and the ARM26EJ-S processors.


Smallest footprint ARM9 processor with DSP enhancements, for low power, data intensive, embedded real-time applications

The smallest and lowest power ARM9 processor is ideal for many real time type applications. The processor operates efficiently from the Tightly Coupled Memory that can easily be integrated through standard interfaces.


DSP enhanced cached processor with an MPU for real-time applications running an RTOS

A real time orientated processor with optional caches interfaces plus a full Memory Protection Unit. This processor is useful in applications where the majority of code exists in main memory, and is loaded into cache on demand, while key exception handing code and data can be maintained locally in Tightly Coupled Memory.


Application processor with Java acceleration, DSP extensions and an MMU, for OS based applications

The ARM926EJ-S is the entrypoint processor capable of supporting full Operating System including Linux, WindowsCE, and Symbian. As such this processor is ideal for many applications requiring a full Graphical User Interface.

ARM9 family processor naming – ARM9xxE(J)-S

  • E – DSP extensions
    • Enhanced instructions for efficient fractional saturating arithmetic
    • Single cycle 32×16 multiplier implementation
    • 32×16 and 16×16 multiply instructions
    • Count leading zeros instruction
  • J  – Java acceleration through Jazelle
    • Embedded Jazelle hardware acceleration Java performance of ~1300CM @ 220MHz
    • Reduced complexity & power consumption over a typical Java hardware coprocessor solution
    • Available on the ARM926EJ-S processor only
  • S  – Fully synthesizable  

ARM9 family processor comparison of key features

 ARM9 Family Comparison

For more details on the comparative features of ARM9 family processors, you can also use the Processor Selector.

Migrating to Cortex

The ARM9 family has a robust roadmap linking to the latest ARM Cortex processors. The Cortex-A and Cortex-R families provide powerful, feature-rich options for easy migration of ARM9 designs to the next generation.

ARM9 Family Processor ARM Cortex Family Alternative  Processor Comparison
 ARM968E-S  Cortex-R4 Compare ARM968E-S with Cortex-R4
 ARM946E-S  Cortex-R4 Compare ARM926EJ-S with Cortex-R4
 ARM926EJ-S  Cortex-A5 Compare ARM926EJ-S with Cortex-A5 using the Processor Selector


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