Android Surpasses Symbian; Smartphone Market Continues to Grow

Posted: February 3, 2011 in Android

Android Surpasses Symbian; Smartphone Market Continues to Grow

Android Surpasses Symbian; Smartphone Market Continues to Grow
Google’s Android operating system became the world’s most popular smartphone software in the fourth quarter, according to figures from Canalys. Android overtook Symbian, experiencing sevenfold growth when compared with last year’s quarter to reach 33.3 million units. The report indicated the Android inhabits 32.9% of total market share. Symbian’s percentage of the market share fell to 30.6%, despite shipments increasing to 31 million handsets.

The Android’s replacement of Symbian as the top phone system is not indicative of Symbians fall from grace, a fact made more obvious by their rising shipment orders, but of the rapid rate of smart phone adoption overall. A report from Strategy Analytics revealed that global cell phone shipments equaled 1.36 billion in 2010 while Apple nearly doubled its sales.

Apple’s success relied heavily on the release of their iPad along with the continued success of their iPhone. Worldwide shipments of tablet computers, 90% of which were comprised by the iPad, in 2010, will reach 44.6 million units this year and surge to 70.8 million in 2012, according to a forecast from IDC.

The popularity of smartphones and the iPad is not only a boon for Google and Apple, but for related industries as well. The spread of smart technology has the potential to benefit makers of popular mobile applications as well. From an investment standpoint, expensive shares of Apple and Google are attractive but the surrounding industries that will see a windfall from the high sales of smart tech may also be worth keeping an eye on.

Among the companies profiting from this, is GTX Corp (OTCBB: GTXO), a Los Angeles based company featured on World Market Media’s NanoCap Index. For GTX, which offers 17 GPS applications across a global user base in over 100 countries on six platforms, the news is very good for business. The company runs a popular 2-way tracking app on the Android platform and others on Apple’s operating system. Whatever the customer chooses, provided they elect to download one of the company’s applications, GTX will reap the profit. So long as sales of smart phone and tablets continue to rise, GTX Corp stands to benefit from it.

“As we look ahead into 2011 and 12, we clearly see the proliferation of these devices will create unprecedented opportunities for developers”, said Patrick Bertagna CEO of GTX Corp. “These opportunities tower over what we saw in the late 90’s during the dot com era.”



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