Installation Guide: Install Android-x86* on Intel® Processor Based Systems

Posted: February 25, 2011 in Android

Installation Guide: Install Android-x86* on Intel® Processor Based Systems

Please read Notices and Disclaimers before using this guide.

  1. Download the Android x86* CD image from or download the same image file (obtained from from our servers. This installation can be performed with a bootable CD or USB storage device. This tutorial uses a USB storage device.
    1. To perform the installation (or create a LiveCD) using a USB drive, download the Universal USB Installer. This application is designed to create Linux* LiveCDs, but will also work with Android-x86*. Choose “Try Some Other Live Linux ISO” from the first drop-down box.Figure 1
    2. Browse to your Android-x86* ISO file, and select your USB drive. Also, check the box to format the drive. Click “Create”.Figure 2
  2. Configure your BIOS to boot from the Android x86* installation CD / USB. Choose the “Installation – Install Android to harddisk” option.Figure 3
  3. Next, you will see a partition selection dialog. You can install Android* to an existing partition, or to an external device such as a USB hard drive.Figure 4
    1. To create a new partition, select the “Create/Modify partitions” option, and accept all of the default options.
  4. You will be presented with a list of filesystems with which to format the partition. Format the partition using ext3. (If you chose to format the volume using fat32, Android* will not be able to save data to the partition, and your installation will be erased after power off.)Figure 5
  5. Next, you will be prompted to install boot loader GRUB.Figure 6
    1. If you are installing Android-x86* as the only operating system on your hard disk, choose Yes.
    2. If you are installing Android-x86* alongside other operating systems, choose No.
  6. Installation will begin, and you will see the following progress bar.Figure 7
  7. After completion, select “Run Android-x86” and you will be taken to the home screen.Figure 8

Android-x86* Home Screen

Figure 9

Android-x86* screenshot showing search and keyboard functionality

Figure 10


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