The goal of this project is to build a device for the tracking of automobiles or any other moving object with a focus on Android operating system as the firmware for the machine so as to make the tracking system cost effective and easily accessible. Simply, we intend to exploit the open source nature of Android and find its effectiveness in embedded systems.


The Application tracks a moving object in real time with the help of available wireless networks including GSM, WiFi and GPS. Instead of running over a mobile phone it runs over a dedicated ARM processor based device with all wireless interfaces.


Over the device, there is an Android application that will determine the moving object’s coordinates through any available system or network (GPS, GSM, WiFi etc.) and then transmit the coordinates to a remote desktop computer through the available network. The tracking and sending networks may vary and another Java based program running on the remote computer will receive those coordinates over the network and plot them on Google Maps for the real time tracking of the object.


The device is has redundancy as it does not rely on a single source of information. Thus it has no single point of failure like GPS tracking does. So if there is a GPS signal jammer in the vicinity then there is no danger of system failure as the device will hop to another available spectrum. You can use the device in the licensed band (GSM) or the unlicensed band (WiFi) according to the available resources. In addition, the device is built on open standards thus reducing the computational overload and ultimately causing a reduction in manufacturing cost.


The device is expected to achieve the following objectives:

Provide an alternate to available tracking system

Reduce the cost of tracking systems with the help of open standards

Avoid the risks and failures involved in Satellite based tracking specially in case of Jamming

Reduce computational overhead by implementing simple yet more accurate algorithms



Android has taken the lion’s share of the market within a span of just few years. The use of Android has been stressed keeping in view its vast usage in embedded systems in future. In the case of other technologies, there are ample prospects for Google Android as it is redefining the concepts of handsets as well as other wireless devices in the consumer electronic segments. Some market watchers are optimistic to predict that Android will capture a significant market share in the near future.

When Google purchased Android Inc. in 2005 little did anyone know that it would revolutionize the Smart phones industry. It all started in November 2007, when Google released Android under Open source license. Its open source nature attracted developers from all around the world to develop their own Android applications. Till today about 100,000 applications are available for android and the number keeps on growing.

The following graphs and charts show Android’s growth in recent years

  1. sanasiddiqui says:

    I think it would be beneficial for you guys if you keep a record of your tasks and the time you spent on it.

  2. Ghufran Shah says:

    today i visit exibition and from there i knew abt this advancement from group of ned university
    this is outstanding this would be quite benificial … tracking system with android amazing

  3. fypandroid says:

    Thanks ghufran…

  4. Mike says:

    Cool… I actually also have a blog about this amazing Google Android OS.

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